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Subterranean Termites
Cen-Tex offers competitive prices on termite treatments for all structures, commercial and residential. Termite inspections are free of charge. If treatment is necessary we offer a spot treatment or treatment of the entire structure with a 1 year warranty included in the price with the option to extend the warranty yearly, at this time we will inspect your property to ensure it is still termite free. 

Choosing Local Saves You Money
Here at Cen-Tex, we started locally and buy locally, keeping the community healthy instead of the corporations.  By going with a National Competitor, you will pay more for less.  The national guys care only about making a huge profit.  Cen-Tex cares about you, your family, and our community.




One Time "Don't Bug Me" Service

​One of our licensed professionals will treat your home inside and out and address any current pest issues.  This treatment does not come with any warranty at all.  Luckily most of the problems we address are solved with a single treatment.


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Termite Treatment
We offer an all inclusive soil barrier treatment, which includes treating the perimeter of the structure, bath traps, and crawl spaces if necessary. A trench is made around the structure (and piers), and any add on slabs are drilled. Then we apply the liquid termiticide to make a complete barrier around your structure. We offer all the latest and top of the line chemicals on the market. At a major savings from the national competitors.

Guaranteed 1 Time Service

​Your home will be treated inside and out and we guarantee that all current pest issues will be resolved for 30 days.  If any pest issues continue 1 week after treatment we will be right back at no cost to make it right.  This is the best option for everything from Carpenter Ants to Roaches.


Texas Pest Control License #0680909

Guaranteed Pest Free Home Yearly

​​If you want an entire year of a pest free home you just pay one time up front and nothing else all year long. Post cards are sent out at the first of every month to notify our yearly customers that the it is time to be treated again.  Call when you get the card or any time to have address all pest issues at your home.


Fair Pricing Guarantee

The industry standard for pricing termite treatments is to measure the linear feet of treatment area.  Many companies charge quite a bit per linear foot, making termites a major expense.  Cen-Tex Pest Control comes in atnearly half of the national average for termite treatments.  Using a 2600 sq. ft. house as an example:

National Competitor Price - $ 1372

Cen-Tex Pest Control with 1 Year Warranty - $ 784

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Don't Let Bugs or Rats Ruin Your Reputation!
Cen-Tex understands that pests can tarnish an image quicker than anything. That's why we use an incredibly effective method called Integrated Pest Management.  We no longer use the old method of "spray and pray" which is to apply a lot of pesticides in the same places in hopes that the insects are killed.  We target where the pests live, eat, and travel.  Using these state of the art techniques has proven time and time again that infestations can be neutralized quickly.  

Rats have a tendency to terrorize restaurants, churches, office buildings, and of course warehouses.  Using our new-age understanding of rodents we are able to remove current problems in the establishment as well as prevent more from entering in the future.  Call us today to see how Cen-Tex can protect your reputation.